Project Description


Fairmed (FM) India supported, five tertiary care hospitals are rendering their clinical leprosy services since 1960. A majority of these hospitals are in high endemic districts of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. Additionally, FM also promotes community-based rehabilitation of people where the community takes the lead in rehabilitating its members by recognizing and addressing their needs. Further, it supports the integration and mainstreaming of oneself.


We at Fairmed India promote and sustain changes in our approach and practice, which primarily includes customized hospital information systems (HIS) and the tablet information systems (TIS) as technological innovation. HIS records the services supported by FM India and is hospital-based. The latter captures field-based information focusing on disability. Both these innovations have received global appreciation for their contribution towards the control of leprosy.

Prevention of impairment & disability

This project is an early seed of Fairmed's prior experience and field-based services. The idea was to diagnose leprosy early without any limitation and providing a successful treatment. Additionally, the objectives also included disability management among people intending to improve their prevailing health condition, accomplished with a collaboration between Government health systems and people's forums.

Social Empowerment

FM's community-based approach, along with its grassroots presence, has highlighted the importance of empowering communities by identifying community leaders and building their capacities to represent the broader social obligations. Additionally, the leaders should engage with various stakeholders to further sensitize them about leprosy and issues that surround them.

School support for children

FM supports three schools located within it's recommended leprosy hospitals in 3 high endemics states. Our supported schools provide scholarships to children either affected by leprosy or born to parents affected by the disease. A total of over 1,200 children per school were enrolled, thereby integrating children and promoting education.

Project Partners

Leprosy Hospital Partners

FM India supports 5 tertiary care hospitals across 3 endemic states in India namely Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. Besides being a general hospital, the 5 hospital also provide in-patient and out-patient services to people. These hospitals include:

Emmaus Swiss Leprosy Hospital Project (ESLP), Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh:

The ESLP hospital project started in 1977 and is registered under the Society's Act, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. It's a 60 bedded hospital catering to people from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, & Tamil Nadu as it's located at a point where 3 states meet. The project is ably led by it's Director, Mr. Brendan Jacob. For further details please visit

Greater Tenali Leprosy Treatment & Education Scheme (Gretnaltes) Hospital, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh:

Gretnaltes hospital is situated in Tenali which started it's services in 1981. It's registered under the Society's Act, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India, and is a 40 bedded hospital. The project is ably led by it's Director, Mr. V. Hemachandu. For further details please visit

Hubli Hospital for the Handicapped (HHH), Hubli Karnataka:

HHH hospital was started in 1976 and is located at Hubli, Karnataka. It's a 30 bedded hospital registered under the Society's Act, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. Besides providing general services, leprosy services, HHH also has a dynamic prosthetic & orthotic unit. It's ably led by the Director, Mr. Gururaj Hiremath. For further details please visit .

Rural India Self Development Trust (RISDT) Hospital, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh:

RISDT hospital is located in Kathipudi, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh. It's a 60 bedded hospital that is registered as a trust. The RISDT hospital also has a HIV & TB program being supported by the Government of India. Additionally, they have a large surgical unit where reconstructive surgery can be undertaken for people. The project is ably led by Mr. Slesser Babu. For further details please visit

Sacred Heart Leprosy Centre (SHLC) Hospital, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu

SHLC hospital is located in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. It's a 300 bedded hospital, which is registered as a Society, under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. The SHLC has a large general hospital and a nursing school as well. The project is ably led by it’s Director, Fr. Staninslaus. For further details, please visit



ILEP India is a part of the ILEP (International Federation of Anti-leprosy Associations) headquartered in Geneva. ILEP India is a group of 9 non-governmental organizations with a core mandate of leprosy elimination. ILEP India provides technical expertise to the Central Leprosy Division (CLD), Government of India (GoI), which stems from the members experience of providing medical and social rehabilitation of people. It has a MoU with the GoI to provide a host of services to people pan India. A few members also have a MoU with the respective State Government's as well. Currently, FM India is the ILEP India Coordinator.