Ongoing Projects

Swiss Emmaus Leprosy Relief Work India

End line Evaluation of MH-POID Project

Swiss Emmaus Leprosy Relief Work India in partnership with the Maharashtra State NLEP society and Alert India, Mumbai started the MH-POID in 2014 till 2016 in two high endemic districts of Dhule and Jalgaon of Maharashtra. The end line evaluation of MH-POID project in 2016 has affirmed the immense contribution of the project towards providing services to people by ensuring prompt start of, and adherence to, treatment including improved compliance to NLEP treatment regimens.

Thus, the 2nd phase of this project begun in the year 2017 with a community involvement plan by providing a platform for the people affected by leprosy to gain knowledge regarding their rights and exercises those, in a holistic manner. To safeguard the technical supervisory role while implementing the project along the lines of the project description, an external evaluator undertaken review in each district based upon the project goals and objectives.

End line evaluation
Prathibha award

Prathibha Awards to students of RISDT School

FAIRMED India supported Referral English Medium High School bagged five "Prathibha Awards" initiated by the Government of Andhra Pradesh for excellence in Board of Secondary Education. There are 64 mandals in the district. In Sankhavaram Mandal consists of 63 high schools. Government has allotted six such awards for each mandal. From these six awards huge number of students from 63 schools contended with lot of spirit. However, out of six awards, Referral English Medium High School bagged five.

Reconstructive Surgery Camp

RISDT initiated DPMR (Disability Prevention & Medical Rehabilitation) programme to perform Reconstructive Surgeries to leprosy patients in the districts Karimnagar, Warangal, of Telangana State and Krishna, West Godavari, East Godavari , Srikakulam and Visakhapatnam districts of Andhra Pradesh, which has been recognised by National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP). So far RISDT conducted 1532 such surgeries to the Leprosy affected persons from 2007 till date. RISDT conducted one RCS camp in their Leprosy Control Unit on dt.29.10.2019.

Reconstructive Surgery
Leprosy Case

Leprosy Case Detection Campaign (LCDC) Monitoring in Haryana

The Central leprosy Division, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India had appointed several health professionals in order to monitor the LCDC campaign in India and Mr. Bijoy Kumar Swain, the National Program Manager has been assigned the state of Haryana. As a central Implementor, he had visited two districts Gurugram and Panipat and from 4th September 2019 to 7th September 2019, interacted with key stakeholders including the community members involved in this campaign and submitted the report to the Ministry.

Project Holder meeting, GRETNALTES

FAIRMED India facilitates an open platform for the community based intervention projects to share the outcomes and challenges encountered during the year and learn from each other's experiences. This platform also provides ample opportunity for all the participants to work on strategies from the learnings, current trends & developments across the globe.

The theme of this year meeting was "how do we move forward" keeping the internal and external environment factors in balance. Mr. John had an exceptional presentation with discussion on this topic which has a deep-rooted relevance to each project. Each partners presented their first six month project detail activities along with the plan for next six months.

Project Holder
Sri Lanka Team

FAIRMED Sri Lanka Team visit to India Projects

FAIRMED Srilanka visited India program with 3 members including one-person affected by leprosy from 11th march 2019 till 13th march 2019. Within these 3 days, they visited key stakeholders like the District Leprosy Officer for Leprosy, primary Health centres and staffs including the ASHAs, people affected by leprosy and the project implementing staffs of the respective organisation. They also visited the two tertiary care hospitals in Guntur and East Godavari districts.

Anti-Leprosy Fortnight

Anti Leprosy Fortnight was conducted on 7 th February, 2019. A rally was conducted to create awareness in the public. The children displayed the flash boards propagated to the public about the facts of Leprosy, details about the symptoms and treatment related issues.

Anti Leprosy Fortnight