people with disability

Health for people with disabilities

People with disabilities are particularly disadvantaged in the poor countries of Africa and Asia. They are ostracized from their communities, prevented from determining their futures, and are unable to start a family. Aids such as prostheses, crutches or wheelchairs are sorely lacking, as is medical treatment or the means of preventing further disabilities.

rehabilitation and social inclusion

Rehabilitation and social inclusion

More than 15 percent of the world population suffer from some form of disability1. Four out of five people with disabilities live in poor countries. These figures show that the risk of disability is particularly high for poor people. Disabilities caused by diseases such as leprosy carry a strong stigma. People are shunned or even expelled from society.

FAIRMED provides medical support for people with disabilities, supports them in professional development, and helps them to find work. To give a voice to those affected, FAIRMED creates organizations for victims of disabilities and engages in active exchange with representatives of the respective governments.